“I think that we are like stars. Something happens to burst us open; but when we burst open and think we are dying; we’re actually turning into a supernova. And then when we look at ourselves again, we see that we’re suddenly more beautiful than we ever were before!”
― C. JoyBell C.


Mighty lights in the night let the stars be your guide. Stepped out on the rooftop  of Anxiety’s High Hopes skyscraper in deep thought. Thinking about life, fate and what lies beyond the stars. Featured today I have Lelutka guy and Vendetta to thank for this face it’s like the two were made for each other. Piercing eyes that see deep into your soul by Avi-Glam and a brand new eye catching tattoo by Speakeasy at the Access Event, the pictures really do no justice for this work of detailed art.  Lastly if you are looking for detailed jewelry then look no further than BALLY the store is fairly new and can be found in The Men’s Dept every month. Grab this chain worn in this current round.  With that being said all items linked below. The night is still young and so are we…




Body Parts:

Mesh Head – Lelutka Guy

Mesh Body – Legacy



Skin: Vendetta – Orazio T4

Brows:IDTTY – Shifty Eyebrows

Beard: Volkstone – Zuck Facial Hair
Eye Appliers – Avi – Glam Passional Eyes Black (Epiphany Exclusive) New @Epiphany

Tattoo: Speakeasy – Savage Tattoo – New @ Access Event



Hair – Burley – Donnie – Unavailable – Sorry =/

Bridge Piercing – Black Design – Nose Bridge Piercing  Marketplace
Nose & Lip Piercings – Suicidal Unborn– Piercing set 07

Earrings (Left Ear) – CerberusXing – Nailed it // CerberusXingBali Piercing A

Earrings (Right Ear) –CerberusXing– Nimbus Gauge

Chain –Bally – Palm Tree Pendant Necklace & Bally Chunky Cuban Chain NEW @TMD

Gloves: Masoom – Swayer Gloves

Rings (Left) – Spotcat – I love Beer Bento Rings Legacy – NEW @Cosmopolitan Event
Rings (Right) Minimal – Lucifer Rings Legacy

Shoes: Complex – Stomper Boots – NEW @ Kustom 9


Jeans: Invictus – Real Jeans


Rooftop – Anxiety – High Hopes














Fashion Blog


Stepped out on the Brooklyn Bridge.  After dodging lots of traffic and loads of beeping horns I was able to get all the shots I needed for this blog post.  I’m not one to gossip but I heard that Man Cave got a make over so I took a trip over there and was blown away. First thing I grabbed was this double layered shirt from Tonktastic. Now without bragging too much the material on this seersuckered airy but tough, comes with a cotton tee in a nice amount of colors or you can just go shirtless. Rolled sleeves with earbuds and get this it’s fully customizable, I’m never taking it off LOL.  Skin is by Vendetta if you haven’t heard of them you’re late to the party this Ulrick skin comes in 6 tanned tones, omega, Catwa and bom yes bom for men. This can also be found at Man Cave. Lastly not sure if you’ve noticed but I got inked last week by Jamie at Speakeasy. Ravens and Norse markings sign me up. Tattoo is from head to toe and comes in 3 different strengths you can find this at the Unik Event. The rest of my items can be found below happy shopping and Rest in Peace to your wallet.

Body Parts:

Mesh Head – Catwa – Travis – NEW

Body: Belleza Jake 2.0


Skin: Vendetta – Ulrick T4 – NEW @ Man Cave
Beard: Volkstone – James Applier


Tattoo: Speakeasy– Celtic Soul – New @ Unik Event

Eyebrows – Revoul – Beauty Evolution – NEW @ Kustom9

Eyes: Avi-Glam – Seductive Eyes – Wood

Hair: Monso – My Hair – NEW @ Fameshed

Beard: Volkstone– Julian Mesh Beard

EyeBrow Piercing: LittleFish – Brow Rings   Marketplace

Septum Piercing –Kunst – Anarchy Septum (Gacha)

Gloves: Codex – Thanatos Gloves – NEW @ Man Cave

Shoes: Entrance – TREKBOOTS – NEW @ Man Cave   New Store!

Phone: DAE – B.A Phone


Shirt: Tonktastic – Lennon’s Shirt – NEW @ Man Cave

Pants:Galvanized – Mike Jeans 05 – NEW @ Man Cave



Merch – raymond 1

Rk Poses – Seth 3

The Owl 23/4

Merch – Tye 2

Wrong – W18-4












My Aunt Gem came into some local farm help so I was able to leave early. I expected my time there to be more pleasant but my Uncle really isn’t doing too well and my Aunt’s mood was really down in the dumps. I told her I would come back and help any time she wants me to but she just feels like it’s a burden on me. I wish she wouldn’t but you know that’s just how our elders are at times. The local farmer’s were fast and came equipped which allowed her more time to do what was needed as for me I needed to get back to the city.

I have some events lined up one in particular is the Anthem Event and I have work to do. With deadlines approaching I had to get the fastest flight. I was happy to pack my Maverick Coat from Minimal, Bleich winter boots and one of my favorite beanies from Foxy. The snow is gone but now that the winter months are approaching the temperatures have dropped.
As much as I’m happy to get back to what I had going on I can’t stop thinking about my Aunt and Uncle, I hope everything goes well…



Mesh Body Parts:

Lelutka – Guy

Legacy Male Body



Skin: Clef De Peau – Ben

Beard: Fuoey – Kurt Beard



Hat/Hair: #Foxy – Tini

Walkman: Sari-Sari – Mini Cassette Player – New @ Anthem

Septum: Rawr! Screwed Septum – New @ TMD

Beard: Volkstone – Slacker

Necklace: Gabriel – Tow Leather Necklace

Gloves: Masoom– Swayer Bento Gloves

Rings: L’Emporio&PL– Damned Claws & Rings

Shoes: Bleich – Treck – Grey – NEW @TMD

Luggage: Bueno – Bai Luggage (Gacha)

Airplane Pillow: random.Matter – Around The world – Pillow (Gacha)

Jacket: Minimal – Maverick Jacket in Grey – NEW @ TMD

Pants: Kalback– Casual Jeans – NEW @TMD



Backdrop Airport: Pseudo – Airport Scene RARE

Backdrop Airplane: Foxcity – Photo Booth


Custom Made inside of the Black Dragon Viewer











My Aunt Gem called and told me she needed me on the farm. My uncle Leslie fell ill and she couldn’t do it all by herself. I needed a change in scenery anyhow after the winter storm I endured. When I arrived the weather was perfect about 73°F . I love the farm life. Took some time to come out my shirt unwind and enjoy the quiet sounds of nature. Meditation before I get started because farm work is hard work my aunt knew who to call..


Hat:[Deadwool] Pequod Beanie

Chain: amias – ORVAR necklace

Pants: MGmen’s90x Pants

Rose: BTTB Tragic Gacha

Tattoo: Taox– Viking Helvegen (Legacy)

Body: Legacy

Rings: L’Emporio & PL::*Arioch Rings*

Poses by Ckey @ MOM













The weather forecast stated it’s going to be a cold, windy, wintry mix. Didn’t know it would be this bad Ugh .. Stay inside if you can unfortunately I have to run out on a couple of errands. Why is it when the weather is bad there’s never bread or milk in the house dammit!

Good thing I recently grabbed a few things to prepare myself for this type of weather. I shot over to Anthem Event where I found this great insulated double layered fleece feels like i’m wearing a cloud literally! Not so bad wool scarf looks thin but I swear I wrapped this bad boy about four times forgot my hat but the scarf is doing great justice wind doesn’t stand a chance. Invictus Jeans, ripped design but trust me all my skin is covered I’d be a fool not to and my old trusty Deadwool Ulrich boots. I’ve had these for years broken in and comfy they are my go to boots. Going to run and get my items I have a date later with Netflix, pizza and a bottle of whiskey!

If you’d like to know what i’m wearing in full detail check the links below:

Skin – Clef De Peau Oscar

Brows: iDTTY – Shifty Brows

Eyes: Avi – Glam– Starry Eyes

Hairbase: Fuoey– Kurt Hairbase – New @ Man Cave

Beard: Fuoey – Kurt Beard – New @ Man Cave

Tattoo: Fenrir


Body Parts:

Mesh Head – Lelutka Guy

Mesh Body – Legacy M

Nose Ring – Codex – HEKTOR Septum NEW @ Man Cave

Hair: Modulus – Sergei Hair in Browns
Necklace: Gild – Bird Skull Top Necklace

Keychain –Deadwool– Kojima Keychain

Scarf: Not so Bad – HEDDA Scarf – NEW @ Anthem Event

Shoes: Deadwool – Ulrich Boots – Black


Jacket – =b.b.s= Today’s Fleece Blouson NEW @Anthem Event

Pants: INVICTUS – Real jeans – Grey – NEW @ Man Cave


Backdrop – MInimal – Manhatten Scene


K&S – Victor Pose 3

Calvary – Guy 2 Marketplace

K&S– Freeman 2





















In this new post I’ve decided to take a bit of urban style and mix it with an expensive upscale taste. Much like what you’ve seen in Gucci, Armani or even Levi styled ads I tried to give you a bit of couture with attitude. This model rocks your socks off with accessories from Majesty, Bally, and Deadwool and fine linens from MGmen’s and etiquette. All links have been provided to keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends.
Body Parts:

Mesh Head: Catwa Skell

Mesh Body: Belleza Jake


Skin: Melanin – Jay Skin – NEW @ NOLA Event

Eyes: Avi-Glam
Brows: Identity – Edgy Brows


Hat: Majesty – Snap Cap Open (Brown)
Glasses: Majesty – GCC Shades (Nude)

Chain: BALLY – 12MM Iced Cuban Link Chain NEW @ TMD

Bag: Majesty – Logo Crossbody Tan

Watch: Deadwool – Blue Moon – NEW @Santa inc. By Deadwool

Shoes: Bleich – Silverhand – Brown


MGmen’s – 90x Jacket – NEW @TMD

Pants: etiquette – Cargo Pants Khaki


Mix of – WRONG, The Owl, Del May poses and Ana Poses



Minimal – After The Storm Skybox


















Casual clothing with a dash of editorial lighting makes for a great blog post. I grabbed this new skin by stray dog from Man cave and I just knew I had to blog it. Tones are great and I love a good rugged beard and locs to top off my look. Flite is back in town so I just had to drive over to kustom 9 and grab their latest kicks which completed this casual urban look. To purchase these items check the links below:



Skin: Stray Dog – Julian 05 – NEW @ Man Cave

Brows: Clever Language – Pierse Eyebrows

Beard Applier: FE style – V.23

Mesh Body Parts:

Mesh Head: Lelutka – Guy 3.4

Mesh Body: Legacy

Mesh Ears: Random Matter – Junee Human Ears


Eyes: Avi-Glam – Hope Eyes
Hair: ReBirth – Rash
Beard: Volkstone – Marcell Mesh Beard NEW @ Man Cave

Gloves: NOCHE – Skeleton Hand Bracelet


Shirt: Mossu – Ralph Shirt

Pants: FashionNatic – Davide Jeans – New @ Man cave


Sneakers: FLite – Waverunners – NEW @ Kustom9

Poses: All poses are at WRONG