Hair – Wings – ER1105 – NEW @ TMD

Mesh Head – Lelutka Jon

Necklace – Bally – Micro Double layered cross – NEW @ TMD

Shirt – L&B – Chase Shirt – NEW @ Alpha Event

Tattoo – Dappa – Morgue Tattoo

Pants – Deadwool – Tweed Trousers for Legacy

Gloves – Animosity – Coming soon for Alpha

Glass and Cigar – Yung Gunz X Tredente – Luxury Tequila – NEW @ TMD

Backdrop – Minimal – MINIMAL – Stranger Room Backdrop


Long walk home

Hair – Enrage – hair – Julius – NEW @ Man Cave

Tattoo – Bolson – Folkvangr

Pants – Deadwool – [Deadwool] Kojima jeans (stack)

Hanging shirt – Essentrix – Hanging Tee

Boots – Animosity – Biker boots – Mud Edition


Mesh Head – Lelutka Skyler

Hat – Kalback Beanie 2021 M003 Dark

Black Eye – Animosity – Black Eye

Forehead Bandage – Fuoey Niklaus

Cheek Bandage and head tattoo – Animosity – Butterfly stitches / Raven head Tattoo

Scar on left – Richb – Face scar #1

Eyes – Kimoti – Face blood Veins #2 Eyes

Hairbase – Eaglelux – Angelo Hair base – NEW @ Men selected event

Eye Bags – Eaglelux – Mauro Eyebags

Sword Tattoo – Eaglelux – Angelo Sword tattoo NEW @ Men selected event

Ear Gauges – Swallow ears with – RichB – No drama earrings

Beard – [//REBIRTH/]-BEARD_ekynos NEW / Mustache – [//REBIRTH/]-BEARD_dirty-long style

Necklace – Pacagaia Original – Benjamin Necklace

Shirt – RUFF – Gustavo Tanktop – NEW @ Equal10

Tattoo – Dappa – Reckoning Tattoo – NEW @ Equal 10

Bracelets – (Left) RichB. Eifa Bracelet (Right) sixx – Jelly Bracelets

Rings – Rawr – Macho set

Jeans – etiquette – Vince Jeans


Mesh Head – Lelutka Jon

Skin – Stray Dog – Pacco 04 – Out Now @ Man Cave


Hair – tram L0708 – NEW @ Collabor88

Beard – Rebirth – [//REBIRTH/]-BEARD_Wolf

Tattoo – Bolson – Godfrey – NEW @ TMD

Shirt – KLOV – Basic Tshirt

Pants – Deadwool – Kojima Jeans

Boots – Animosity – Biker Boots (Mud edition)

Poses – CKEY Poses (Jorge)

Backdrop – Amitie SANTA FE BACKDROP – NEW @ Anthem


Mesh Head – Lelutka Paxton

Face Tattoo’s – Custom

Brow Piercing – Kunst – .05 [ kunst ] – Eyebrow piercing / silver (L)

Bridge Piercing – Suicidal Unborn – Nose Piercing Set

Nose Cuff – Peekaboo – Band Septum Male

Hat – REINVENT Hipster hat

Hair – tram – L0308 Hair

Beard – Unorthodox – Dre Beard

Necklace – BALLY – Saint Bally Medallion Necklace – NEW @ TMD

Jacket – cold ash. LEGACY M – SHERPA Jacket – NEW @ TMD

Pants – Legal Insanity – Devin denims Legacy

Rings – Invictus – Ring Skull

Boots – Animosity – Biker Boots – Last Chance @ Alpha Event

Windlight – Jay BattleScars – PREMIUM – CLOUDS – NATURE 9.0 MELANCHOLY

(There is some post processing work on my photos but all shadows accurate, tones slightly altered)

There has been a update for the latest Nature back for Black Dragon viewer. If you purchased already do not forget to redeliver for the latest version


Mesh Head – Lelutka Skyler 3.1

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Skin – Stray Dog – Jayce (Past TMD Round)

Hairbase – Volkstone – Enrico Hairbase

Brows are custom

Frown – Credo – Militant Frown 50% – Marketplace

Face tattoo Ink – VUK this is art

Stitched Cut – Rich B – Face Scar #1 NEW @ Man Cave

Blood and Bandaid – Not Found Add-ons

Eyebags – EGX – Carlos Eyebags Tone 1 – Marketplace

Chapped Lips overlay – Not Found Add-ons

Facial Hair – Volkstone – Jozsef Facial Hair

Lip Cut – Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Lip Scar

Eyes – Avi Glam Hero Eyes – NEW @ Access

Bandages -MUSU- Bandage (Rigged for Jake) – Marketplace

Necklace – Kunst Knife Necklace

Body Tattoo Ink – NUMB – Mircalla Tattoo

Body Bruises – Animosity – Love bruises full body

Dirty Nails / Chipped Polish – NEXUS nails for jake with appliers

Finger Bandages – L’Emporio&PL – Kick it

Rings – ArchiveFaction – Insensible Rings silver NEW @ The Warehouse Sale

Gun – SAC – SH SFP9 – NEW @ Man Cave

Jeans / Belt – Cold Ash – Holloway Jeans

Knife Poses are by Foxcity and Animosity – All others are WRONG

Backdrop –PALETO Basement


Mesh Body Parts:

Mesh Head – Lelutka – Paxton 3.1 (Evo X)

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake


Skin – Clef De Peau – Ayrton T3 (Evo X)

Hairbase – Volkstone – Kairon Hairbase (Evo X) – NEW @ Level Event

Beard – Not Found – Jerome Beard (Evo X)

Beard – Clever Language – Jared Facial Hair (Evo X)

Ear Tattoo – Mea Tenebra – What’s my Zodiac Sign (Evo X)

Ear Scars – INCOMUM – Heets (Evo X)

Moles – SAXO – Face Beauty Marks v5 (Evo X)

Freckles – Pecheresse – Freckles Pack 1 (Evo X)

Tattoo Ink – Vegas Tattoos – Siren


Earrings – Pumec – Gogosha Earrings (Evo X Human)

Beard – Unorthodox – Dre Beard

Hair – Dura – B79 Dark

Fist Bracelet – Kunst 06

Necklace – Marked – Coin Necklace

Eyebrow Piercing – Kunst – Eyebrow Piercing 05

Lip Piercing – Little Fish – Avril – Lel Paxton

Septum – RichB – Jako Septum

Rings – Legal Insanity – Adam / Phylum rings (Jake)

Shirt – Deadwool – Staple Tee – NEW @ Anthem Event

Pants – Deadwool – Kojima Jeans & Keychain


Cars – Billionaire Motors

Backdrop – Paleto – Hotelo – New @ TMD

Poses – Wrong

Cigarette Poses – Animosity – Quick break


Alexa Play “future Life is Good”

Introducing Lelutka’s New Update 2.5 (Bottom of post Lots of info)

Subway shoot you say? Set the mood blasting music to max capacity and pose! Bend down to wipe the new sneaks but make sure you don’t crease them.

Mesh Body Parts

Mesh Head – Lelutka Luka 2.5 Updated (NEW Rig Alert)

Body – Legacy M

Appliers/Tattoo Layers

Skin – Not Found – Joyner Light Brown – Last Chance @ Access

Hairbase – Babe – Nadja – Marketplace

Brows – O.S Felix Brows

Also Flame Mesh Eyebrows by Unorthodox added ontop for extra texture

Scars – Blutbad – Chase scars (dark skin versions included \O/ – Marketplace

Eyes – My favorite Avi glam Luminous black (my go to eyes loll)

Facial Hair 1 – Hermony Goatie E – Marketplace

Facial Hair 2 – Volkstone Rebel Facial Hair


Hair – 444HOMME A$AP BRAIDS (store disappeared creators name is goodvillian)

Headphones – JBX Beats Studio – Marketplace

Sneakers – Versov – Yunov – NEW @ TMD



Gloves – +Radix – Yen Gloves – Legacy

Pants – INVICTUS – Open the jeans -Blackout – Legacy – NEW @ The Miix Event

.PALETO. Backdrop:. P25 NEW @ Level Event


Foxcity – Silhouette 3m

– 138

Foxcity – Nightowl 5

Lelutka 2.5 Major Update

Lelutka’s New Update 2.5 insert holy heavenly music here This is not a update this is a new release hahah. They’ve heard the people and really outdone themselves with it. ALL evo heads have been included in this update, yes men too they didn’t leave us out.

Update Includes:

Improved and smoother weights

 Second HD Eyeshadow has been added

 HD Brow layer has been added

 Tear line has been added

 Script : HEAD Animation

New Code. All the start/stop animations is done in the AnimDB script

Initial Commit

Modified Brows size to only horizontal
Fixed specular map not saved correctly
Added force alpha blend on Flip command

Origins MOODs have been adjusted for EVOLUTION Heads and have been added
(64 Moods in total)

 Remastered Expressions and Utility animations

 21 new Expressions have been added. 64 Expressions in TOTAL

 Script : HEAD Animation

Fixed Gesture Play while sitting/posing.
Stopping animation bug resolved.

HUD has been redesigned to occupy less monitor real-estate

 Genetics TAB has been removed and all features have been incorporated into individual tabs

according to layer they correspond to

 ALL HD layers have been merged into a single HD sub-section of the HUD 

(Brows, Eyeshadow and Lips)

 TINT/GLOW/FULL BRIGHT, "Tailor Make" panel has been redesigned to make the HUD occupy 

less monitor real-estate

 PIERCINGS have been removed from the MAIN HUD and have gotten their own, custom HUD

Added Brows materials and Tear line, deleted Piercing

Fixed Lashes Mask showing on hidden Lashes
Added Head Movement button sync
Added posestand buttons turn off on attach
Moved Sliders and Toggles to HUD Sliders

Added sliders to Brow panel
Added list of selection layers with default values
Added new HD layers panels
Fixed lashes mask
Added Head Movement link
Added Change Background Texture

Added BrwMat initialization
Modified Brows initialization
Modified send head movement message to buttons
Added ML_CLICK_SELECT to connect toggles to select buttons after Button/Slider split

Modified preview function to work with layers gotten from database
Added Carousel function to Scroll command
Removed call to u.base
Added Eye control stops on detach. Button turns off on attach
Fixed animations error on detach of new user

Moved default color to database

Moved tint panel
Added new HD Layers panels
Simplified Tint Panel code
Added join group code
Fixed HUD going out of scope when clicked during reset
Added resize HUD
Added Reset button doesn’t center the HUD in S and L size
Fixed HUD shows wrong tab when head is not attached
Added Change Background Texture

Added custom specular value for each layer
Added Lacrimal Caruncle and added layers

Duplicated from HUD Buttons. Deleted Buttons and Affect commands
Fixed Stop Animations buttons not working

Moved the posestand check in the runtime_permissions
Added Posestands stopping on detach
Fixed animations error on detach of new user

Teeth objects have been updated with extra options added:
New: CROOKED, STUBBY and BUNNY options

 Teeth Lightest Texture has been remastered to make the teeth even brighter

New teeth options have been added

 Male and Female BoM HAIRBASES have been merged into a single pack.

 GESTURES have been edited to fit new, remastered expressions.

A male neck version has been added for River so hopefully I'll get around to playing around with that one too. This update is MAJOR for all Lelutka users. Each folder comes with two versions of the head. Bound (dated) and Boundless which is the new version. They added more bones to the heads which gives you more control of the sliders with shape making. It allows for the shapes to be more detailed which I highly recommend. With this new option the rigging is completely done over which changes your shape ofc. If you love your previous shape and just cannot part with it then unbox the box which says (dated) and you will get a updated (2.5) version of the head with the old bones and rigging. Why are you still here go play!!

Check out this nice walk through video from Harlow Heslop