Cristobal … Glance


A heavy fog of cigarette smoke filled the room causing the sight of the place to be a bit hazey. He was sent an invite to an event that sat on his cherry oak desk for about a month before he even took the liberty to peek at it. He has not been in the mood for social gatherings much lately but for some reason he was drawn to attend this rather lavish event. Upon entering he scanned the room in an inquisitive manner. Very dim lighting, satin drapes around the perimeter giving things a very elegant look. Along with gold ropes tying back the drapes to the entrance. A room filled of people dressed in their best tuxedo’s and evening gowns with soft music playing from an expensive baby grand piano all black trimmed in gold. Making way into the room he grabbed a glass of scotch from the tray of a server walking nearby. Looking for the nearest empty corner to stand and watch the room unseen. Just as he raised his glass he locked eyes with the most elegant , beautiful woman he has ever laid his eyes on. She was very pleasant and showing of divine grace. A low-cut black form fitting gown that displayed every curve of her feminine body. Mid-length wavy hair not a follicle out of place and cherry red lipstick. The way her diamond necklace lay on her it enhanced her beautiful soft skin in such a manner he could not stop looking. Breathing intensifies as she has not stopped looking either, he walks a few feet to the left out of curiosity to see if she would continue to watch him through the crowd of people. His suspicions were correct she did indeed continue to watch him but he was not as clever as he thought. She knew exactly what he was doing as she looked down smiled a bit and invited him over with her eyes. Making his way through the crowd it looks as if the party was worth it after all . . .

Mesh Head – Lelutka Paxton 3.1

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Skin – Vendetta – Mark T5 NEW @ Uber

Hair – Volt Hair – George

Hairbase – Not Found Nicolas Hairbase – NEW @ Man Cave

Beard – Not Found – Nicolas Beard – NEW @ Man Cave

Earrings – Pumec – Gogosha Earrings for Evo X

Mask – The white Crow – Invoqued Silver

Rings – Invictus – Skull Ring

Suit – Native Urban – Alpha Tux – NEW @ UBER

Poses – Animosity / WRONG


Mesh Body Parts

Mesh Head – Lelutka Paxton 3.1

Mesh Body – Legacy M


Skin – Avarosa – Tiago Skin Tone 4

Brows – A R T E – Aina Brows – (Lelutka HD) – Marketplace

Freckles – Avarosa – Freckles and Moles 1

Hairbase – Volkstone – Greg Hairbase Dark Brown

Beauty Marks (Moles) Just Magnetized – Beauty Marks – Set 04

Forehead Lines – Izzies

Beard – Not Found Brad Beard

Tattoo Ink – S-Rank – ESSI Tattoo 04 Normal



Earrings – (Left) Pumec – GoGosha Earrings (Evo X Ears)

(Right) – RichB. Kunj Pin Earring Silver – NEW @ Man Cave

Necklace – Archivefaction – Multichain Necklace – NEW @ Man Cave

Rings – Real Evil – Primal Rings and Bracelet

3 Rings Bridge Piercing – Nose Bridge Piercing – Marketplace

Nose Ring Piercing – Peekaboo – Band Septum


Hat – Essentrix – LA Trucker Dad Cap

Hair (Mesh) Unorthodox– Papi Hair [Lelutka Fit]

Shirt – KLOV – Zafer Tank Tp – NEW @ Man Cave

Shorts – INVICTUS – Italo Summer Shorts Interactive – Print4 – Legacy – NEW @ Man Cave

Bag – Val’More – Tecbag

Shoes – Native Urban – Lofi Sneakers – NEW @ UBER

Bike on Shoulder – Nutmeg – Bike M Black


Paparazzi – BACKDROP – Industrial Drive