I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life,

but my life was never ordinary.

I had simply failed to realize how extraordinary

It was

Ransom Riggs

As I awake from my slumber, it’s dark , everything’s blurry and my head hurts like shit. The room reeks of moisture and mildew, you can hear faint droplets of water falling in a bucket or puddle. Squinting with blurry vision looking around the area there’s one lightbulb surrounded by darkness. I can’t see anything beyond the lights radius. I’m restricted can’t move my arms or legs and I’m still trying to figure out where the hell I am and why am I here? Wriggling my shoulders to try and get some movement space from the tight ropes, feeling around with just the tips of my fingers to see how I’m tied and suddenly there is movement from beyond the darkness….

I freeze in anticipation to see who goes there. The sound of shoes on the cool cement surface and some kind of scraping on the walls. “Fuck” I utter under my breath heart pounding, skin crawling and blood dripping from my head onto my linen suit. The footsteps get closer and the silence breaks. “We have your wife and kid” my heart sank to the pit of my stomach. “They are safe for now but all of that depends on your actions following the request” … What fucking request? I respond. POW as the guy lands a punch to my bruised jaw. “That will be the last time you speak without my asking”. I sat there trying to adjust my jaw that now feels broken paired with a dull ringing in my ear. He continues to explain. ” We took a visit to your home to get the money that you owe us. No money but we found your family. You have 24 hours to get the $500,000 to us or we begin to cut off limbs. We’ll start with fingers until their is nothing left of your precious wife and then your kid. Do you understand?” I understand I responded in a shaky voice. My thoughts at this exact moment is I’m fucking screwed.

Mesh Head – Lelutka Jon

Skin – Avarosa – Darius Skin – NEW @ Access

Hair – Vango Samuel

Humped Nose Deformer – Influence – Nose Deformer NEW @ Level Event

Beard – Lelapeau – Viktor Beard

Head Bandage – Fuoey – Niklaus Face Scar

Face Blood:

Nose Blood , Bruised Eyes, Bruised Eyebrows, Bruised Chin, Nose Bleed, Bruised Cheeks ALL by Not Found Saul – NEW @ TMD

Temple Blood – Tristan Flinders – Verkir

Suit – Deadwool – Sean Suit – Halloween Blood Version ( ONLY as exclusive for the Halloween period) NEW

Pose and Ropes by Wrong – 80


Mesh Head – Lelutka Skyler

Hat – Kalback Beanie 2021 M003 Dark

Black Eye – Animosity – Black Eye

Forehead Bandage – Fuoey Niklaus

Cheek Bandage and head tattoo – Animosity – Butterfly stitches / Raven head Tattoo

Scar on left – Richb – Face scar #1

Eyes – Kimoti – Face blood Veins #2 Eyes

Hairbase – Eaglelux – Angelo Hair base – NEW @ Men selected event

Eye Bags – Eaglelux – Mauro Eyebags

Sword Tattoo – Eaglelux – Angelo Sword tattoo NEW @ Men selected event

Ear Gauges – Swallow ears with – RichB – No drama earrings

Beard – [//REBIRTH/]-BEARD_ekynos NEW / Mustache – [//REBIRTH/]-BEARD_dirty-long style

Necklace – Pacagaia Original – Benjamin Necklace

Shirt – RUFF – Gustavo Tanktop – NEW @ Equal10

Tattoo – Dappa – Reckoning Tattoo – NEW @ Equal 10

Bracelets – (Left) RichB. Eifa Bracelet (Right) sixx – Jelly Bracelets

Rings – Rawr – Macho set

Jeans – etiquette – Vince Jeans


Mesh Head – Lelutka Logan

Skin – Fuoey – Roger Skin – Medium

Facial Hair – Fuoey – Dylan 3

Body – Belleza Jake

Hat – Versov – Oxfordov Classic Cap

Hair – Tram – L0308

Sunglasses / Bag – Morph Studios Guy Golfer Set – Marketplace

Shirt – Deadwool – Volpi Polo Shirt – New @ The Fifty

Watch – Deadwool – Blue Moon Watch

Glove – Traume – Chaotic Biker Gloves

Sleeve – Matova – Ramses Arm Wraps

Pants – Legal Insanity – Kai Pants

Tattoo – LD – Norse – Marketplace


Mesh Head – Lelutka Jon

Hair – Vango. Samuel

Skin – FUOEY – Erick Skin Hinti – NEW @ ALPHA Event

Beard – Rebirth – Grison

Hat – Ascend – Willie Baseball cap – NEW @ Man Cave

Tattoo – S-Rank – FOUX

Shirt – KLOV – Kern Shirt

Shorts – Deadwool – Reverse Shorts

Sneakers – Archivefaction – Canvas Sneakers

Poses – CKEY New @ TMD


Street Rat

 All things were together, infinite both in number and in smallness; for the small too was infinite.


Never trust a street rat. Their main course is survival a thief if you will. The gift of the gab, surviving off merely pennies but the wits of a millionaire.

Mesh Head – Lelutka Paxton

Skin – Fuoey Stan Skin – Medium – NEW @ Skin Fair

Face Scar – Fuoey – Niklaus Face Scar – NEW @ Skin Fair

Face Bandage – Fuoey – Niklaus Face Bandaid – NEW @ Skin Fair

Face Bruise – Fuoey Niklaus – NEW @ Skin Fair

Lip Scar – Fuoey (HD) Niklaus – NEW @ Skin Fair

Beard – Fuoey – Dylan (6)

Hair Base – Not Found – Dwayne Hairbase

Head Tattoo – Mea Tenebra – Memories

Hair Scars / Bandage – Relentless Shaved hair base plaster / Scar 3

Ears – Swallow – Gauged S Ears M

Earrings – Bad Wolf – Pirate earrings (Swallow Ears)

Ear Tattoo – Speakeasy – Not Surprised ear tatts

Body Tattoo – Corazon – Devil – Evo x

Necklace – toksik – Ludwig Necklace A (Male)

Dirty Nails – Nexus – Nails / Appliers

Finger Bandages – L’Emporio – Kick it

Rings – ZK – Silver92

Jacket – Mossu – Eric Leather Jacket

Hanging shirt – Essentrix – Hanging tee – NEW @ Dream Day Event

Pants – Invictus – Street Jeans 07 Black

Shoes / Socks – Deadwool Chase Sneakers


On a bike no one ever asks “Are we there yet?!”

12 Days of Christmas Free Gifts

12 days of Christmas (Limited time Free Gifts)

Mesh Head – Lelutka Logan NEW Free until December 24th (12 Days of Christmas

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake 2.1

Skin – Not Found – Logan Skin Tan – New gift for the 12 days of Christmas

Brows inside of the Lelutka Hud

Eyes – Avi Glam – Ascension Eyes – Varied Pack – NEW @ Anthem Event

Lip Scar – Tristan Flinders – Antikrist – UPDATED for Evo X

Facial Hair – Fuoey – Dylan Beard 6

Chapped Lips overlay – Not Found – Chapped Lips (Add-ons Pack) NEW!

Helmet – Motodesign – Slim Helmet

Shirt – Mossu – Lee Tshirt

Pants – ArcBack – #58 Dark Used Jeans

Gloves – WAZ – Tactical Combat Gloves – NEW @ TMD

Tattoo – Infinit Tattoo – Usque ad Finem – Marketplace

Motorcycle – MotoDesign – TheKing – LightSpeeder

Backdrop – MINIMAL – Gas Station with environment

Participating stores for the “12 Days of Christmas” free gifts are

Not Found
Stray Dog
Bold and Beauty
Glam Affair
Lara Hurley
Avi Glam
Lilo Shapes

There are kiosks with all the Landmarks at each location.


Mesh Head – Lelutka Skyler 3.1 EVO X

Mesh Body – Legacy Athletic

Skin – Stray Dog Thales Tone 4 (Evo X)

Brows – Lelutka Hud

Hairbase – Fuoey Ragnar Hairbase (Evo X)

Face Tattoo – Vuk. This is art tattoo (Evo X)

Facial Hair – Volkstone Rich Mesh Beard and Mustache NEW @ Equal 10

Necklace – Marked Triquetra Necklace

Tattoo – Bolson – Tetsuo

Rings – Kartel – Orwar rings / Spotcat Gust of soul

Shirt – Deadwool Luc Shirt

Pants – Deadwool Sean Trousers

Pose – Wrong
















Holy Macaroni Lelutka did it again. I’m not sure how true this is but I was told that Lelutka is planning to make heads to cover each ethnic background I am going to be in shape heaven if that happens. The latest mesh head is Luka and I don’t know guys but Luka is my favorite ahah. The head is apart of the Evolution line which is predominately bakes on mesh. If you aren’t using BOM you are late to the club. HD eyes, HD lips, HD textures whew. Luka will hit stores tomorrow 04/24/20 grab a demo you don’t want to miss it trust me.



Body Parts:

Lelutka – Lukas Mesh Head (Evolution) Available Friday 4-24 @ The Mainstore

Body – Belleza Jake




Skin: Stray Dog – OMAN Lelutka Tone 09 – NEW @ Man Cave

Eyebrows: Simple Bloom
Beard: F u o e y – Felipe Beard

Hairbase: Unorthodox – Javi Hairbase




Mesh Beard: F U O E Y – Axel Beard

Glasses: Nov-Argentina Cartier Frames – NEW @ Dubai Event   NEW MAINSTORE LANDMARK





Jacket – Ascend– Urban High Collar

Pants: etiquette – Austin Pants – NEW @Epiphany





Bad Unicorn – Hidden Love – Neon Nights Backdrop NEW @ N21





























Meet Mr. Monroe.

Mr Monroe’s style is exquisite, he comes from an Asian and Indian mixed decent with long locks of hair. Mr Monroe is a CEO of a big time law firm and his taste of style comes as no surprise. With an upscale taste  in linens you can mostly find him in tailored suits, fancy ties and anything derived from a vintage collection. In this fancy ensemble you can find him in full grain shell cordovan leather boots, Light weight wool coat woven with a optimal 150 thread count, sea island cotton slacks,and a luxurious diamond watch.  After a long day of work he’s just in time for happy hour at his favorite quiet spot, a nice double shot of bourbon will do some justice.


Mesh Body Parts:

Mesh Head – Catwa

Mesh Body – Belleza  Jake


Skin – P O E M A – Jiro Tone 4 (BOM Included)

Brows: F U O E Y – Leo Eyebrows

Eyes: Avi – Glam

Beard: Volkstone – Odin


Hat:Bondi – The Gambler Hat B

Beard: Volkstone – Thales Mesh Beard – NEW @ The Mens Dept

Hair: Ade – Liza – NEW @Cupid Inc.

Watch: Vexiin – Baguette Luxor

Bag: Benjaminz – Garfield Bag

Shoes: Toksik– Chained Boots

Gloves: Noche– Buck Leather Gloves


Jacket – Deadwool– Polar Coat – NEW @ Anthem Event

Pants: Mossu– NEW @ TMD

Shots Taken @ Oxygen