Mesh Head – Lelutka Logan

Skin – Fuoey – Roger Skin – Medium

Facial Hair – Fuoey – Dylan 3

Body – Belleza Jake

Hat – Versov – Oxfordov Classic Cap

Hair – Tram – L0308

Sunglasses / Bag – Morph Studios Guy Golfer Set – Marketplace

Shirt – Deadwool – Volpi Polo Shirt – New @ The Fifty

Watch – Deadwool – Blue Moon Watch

Glove – Traume – Chaotic Biker Gloves

Sleeve – Matova – Ramses Arm Wraps

Pants – Legal Insanity – Kai Pants

Tattoo – LD – Norse – Marketplace


Music speaks to the soul in ways words cannot

Mesh Head – Lelutka Logan

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Hair – Modulus – Scott

Skin – Not Found – Timothee Tan – NEW @ Skin Fair (closing soon)

Hairbase – Nexus – Evo X Ken

Eyes – Avi-Glam – Glory eyes – Pack 2 – NEW @ Skin Fair

Beard – Not Found – Erik

Mouth Scar – Jack Spoon

Face Acne – Ladybird

Chapped Lips – Not Found – Add ons

Earrings – STOIC – Dae earrings

Necklace – Minimal – Kazama Necklace

Jacket – Ascend – Brooks Blazer

Pants – Not So Bad – Mike Denim Pants

Shoes – WAZ – Trail Boots – Marketplace

Poses by:

Intoxx and CKEY


Mesh Head – Lelutka Luka 3.1

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake 2.1

Skin – NDB – Kash – Marketplace (used on lelutka evo x but NOT a evo x layer)

Hair – Vladdy – Shawn Dreadlocks – Marketplace

Brows – Volkstone Lelutka HD Martin Brows

Beard Tattoo – BB Suave / Unorthodox Groomed 4 / Unorthodox Choppa

Beard Mesh – Unorthodox – Vito / Volkstone Jay Goatee

Eyes Appliers – Alexandrite – Futere Eyes – NEW @ Kustom 9

Hat – atelier collective – Ferrari Beanie – NEW @ CakeDay

Necklace – Bally – Cuban Link T-Bar Chain NEW @ TMD

Tattoo Ink – Credo – True Love – Marketplace

Shirt – ARCHIVEFACTION_BI,NLR. GACHA_Sk8 Long Ultra Rare (Hands Included)

Pants – REINVENT – Biker Jeans

Shoes – Rodex – Isax


Mesh Head – Lelutka Skyler 3.1

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Skin – Stray Dog – Jayce (Past TMD Round)

Hairbase – Volkstone – Enrico Hairbase

Brows are custom

Frown – Credo – Militant Frown 50% – Marketplace

Face tattoo Ink – VUK this is art

Stitched Cut – Rich B – Face Scar #1 NEW @ Man Cave

Blood and Bandaid – Not Found Add-ons

Eyebags – EGX – Carlos Eyebags Tone 1 – Marketplace

Chapped Lips overlay – Not Found Add-ons

Facial Hair – Volkstone – Jozsef Facial Hair

Lip Cut – Izzie’s – LeL Evo X – Lip Scar

Eyes – Avi Glam Hero Eyes – NEW @ Access

Bandages -MUSU- Bandage (Rigged for Jake) – Marketplace

Necklace – Kunst Knife Necklace

Body Tattoo Ink – NUMB – Mircalla Tattoo

Body Bruises – Animosity – Love bruises full body

Dirty Nails / Chipped Polish – NEXUS nails for jake with appliers

Finger Bandages – L’Emporio&PL – Kick it

Rings – ArchiveFaction – Insensible Rings silver NEW @ The Warehouse Sale

Gun – SAC – SH SFP9 – NEW @ Man Cave

Jeans / Belt – Cold Ash – Holloway Jeans

Knife Poses are by Foxcity and Animosity – All others are WRONG

Backdrop –PALETO Basement


Cristobal … Glance


A heavy fog of cigarette smoke filled the room causing the sight of the place to be a bit hazey. He was sent an invite to an event that sat on his cherry oak desk for about a month before he even took the liberty to peek at it. He has not been in the mood for social gatherings much lately but for some reason he was drawn to attend this rather lavish event. Upon entering he scanned the room in an inquisitive manner. Very dim lighting, satin drapes around the perimeter giving things a very elegant look. Along with gold ropes tying back the drapes to the entrance. A room filled of people dressed in their best tuxedo’s and evening gowns with soft music playing from an expensive baby grand piano all black trimmed in gold. Making way into the room he grabbed a glass of scotch from the tray of a server walking nearby. Looking for the nearest empty corner to stand and watch the room unseen. Just as he raised his glass he locked eyes with the most elegant , beautiful woman he has ever laid his eyes on. She was very pleasant and showing of divine grace. A low-cut black form fitting gown that displayed every curve of her feminine body. Mid-length wavy hair not a follicle out of place and cherry red lipstick. The way her diamond necklace lay on her it enhanced her beautiful soft skin in such a manner he could not stop looking. Breathing intensifies as she has not stopped looking either, he walks a few feet to the left out of curiosity to see if she would continue to watch him through the crowd of people. His suspicions were correct she did indeed continue to watch him but he was not as clever as he thought. She knew exactly what he was doing as she looked down smiled a bit and invited him over with her eyes. Making his way through the crowd it looks as if the party was worth it after all . . .

Mesh Head – Lelutka Paxton 3.1

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Skin – Vendetta – Mark T5 NEW @ Uber

Hair – Volt Hair – George

Hairbase – Not Found Nicolas Hairbase – NEW @ Man Cave

Beard – Not Found – Nicolas Beard – NEW @ Man Cave

Earrings – Pumec – Gogosha Earrings for Evo X

Mask – The white Crow – Invoqued Silver

Rings – Invictus – Skull Ring

Suit – Native Urban – Alpha Tux – NEW @ UBER

Poses – Animosity / WRONG


Mesh Head – Lelutka Paxton 3.1

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Eyes – Avi Glam – Hero Eyes – NEW

Skin – Stray Dog – Henri

Hair – Tableau & Vivant – Lou Hair – NEW @ Kustom 9

Brows – Volkstone Martin Eyebrows – NEW @ Man Cave

Beard – No Rush Rhonin Facial Hair

Tattoo – Dappa – Jin Tattoo

Outfit – Erauqs – Brian Shirt and Pants – NEW @ Man Cave

Rings – Spotcat – Tough Guy – NEW @ Man Cave

Hat – Altamura Group – Fedora Mesh Hat – Marketplace

Poses – CKEY and WRONGNEW @ Mancave

Ana Poses


On a bike no one ever asks “Are we there yet?!”

12 Days of Christmas Free Gifts

12 days of Christmas (Limited time Free Gifts)

Mesh Head – Lelutka Logan NEW Free until December 24th (12 Days of Christmas

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake 2.1

Skin – Not Found – Logan Skin Tan – New gift for the 12 days of Christmas

Brows inside of the Lelutka Hud

Eyes – Avi Glam – Ascension Eyes – Varied Pack – NEW @ Anthem Event

Lip Scar – Tristan Flinders – Antikrist – UPDATED for Evo X

Facial Hair – Fuoey – Dylan Beard 6

Chapped Lips overlay – Not Found – Chapped Lips (Add-ons Pack) NEW!

Helmet – Motodesign – Slim Helmet

Shirt – Mossu – Lee Tshirt

Pants – ArcBack – #58 Dark Used Jeans

Gloves – WAZ – Tactical Combat Gloves – NEW @ TMD

Tattoo – Infinit Tattoo – Usque ad Finem – Marketplace

Motorcycle – MotoDesign – TheKing – LightSpeeder

Backdrop – MINIMAL – Gas Station with environment

Participating stores for the “12 Days of Christmas” free gifts are

Not Found
Stray Dog
Bold and Beauty
Glam Affair
Lara Hurley
Avi Glam
Lilo Shapes

There are kiosks with all the Landmarks at each location.


I’m coming home for Christmas

I’m coming home for Christmas, not because I want to but for the family I have left. My name is Charlie and Last year I lost my mother to Covid and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of unfortunate events that happened. This time of the year is joyous for most but for me it’s just a constant reminder of what doesn’t exist anymore. Pain and agony and thoughts of lost love , relationships and places that have perished. Standing as the train approaches “takes a long deep sigh ” After losing my mother my family separated, things were ripped apart with feuding over worldly possessions and money. They lost vision of what life is about. “So yeah I’m not thrilled at all to see these scavengers but traditions are traditions”. You could hear a faint bell at a distance ringing from the train. “All Aboard!!!!!!” He takes a long pull of his cigar before putting it out on the wall. Grabs his luggage and boards the train…

Mesh Head – Lelutka Devon

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Skin – Avarosa Aamon – NEW @ The Blanc Event

Hair / Hair – Vango – Justin

Eyes – Avi Glam – Equinox

Beard – Lelutka Facial Hair 31 (comes with head) and Not Found Jerome Beard

Mouth Scar – Hexed – Doomed Lips for Evo X – NEW @ The Manly Arena

Sweater – Deadwool – Ghost Sweater – NEWW @ The Mainstore

Coat – Deadwool – Hart Coat

Pants – Deadwool – Sean Trousers

Rings – Legal Insanity – Faith Rings


Mesh Head – Lelutka Skyler 3.1

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Hair – +elua+ Thao 1_Brown

Glasses – Arcback – Trendy Sun Glasses – Vintage

Piercings – RichB – Abel

Beard – [//REBIRTH/]-BEARD_dirty-long style – NEW @ MEN Only Monthly

Shirt – Cold Ash – Finneas – NEW @ TMD (Closing soon)

Necklace – ::GB:: Initials Necklace (Rigged)

Bracelets – Badwolf – Aeternitas Bracelet (Right) AND –[ vagrant ]– Kai Seashell Bracelet L – Silver

Rings – L’Emporio&PL::Errant:: Belleza Jake V2.0 Bento_Linked

Jacket over shoulder – Fakeicon – Shoulder Blazer (Group Gift)

Pants – not so bad . MIKE denim pants . BELLEZA . camel – NEW @ TMD (Closing Soon)


Location – Whimberly


Mesh Head – Lelutka Eon

Mesh Body – Belleza Jake

Skin – Vendetta – Gaetan T5

Hair – Tram – J0630

Beard – Rebirth – Dirty Long Style – NEW @ Men Only Monthly

Tattoo – Akuji Passion Tattoo

Jacket – KLOV – Military Bomber

Pants – Legal Insanity – Lewis Denims

Rings – L’Emporio&PL Luctator Bandages and Errant Rings

Boots – BadWolf – Vioarr Boots