Sometimes the only way to get the job done is to do it yourself

Mesh Head – Lelutka Skyler

Body – Legacy M

Skin – Stray Dog – Wallace 04 – NEW @ TMD

Hair – Vango – Carter – NEW @ TMD

Eyebags – Avarosa – Viktor Addons – NEW @ Blanc

Eyes – Avarosa – Viktor Eyes – NEW @ Mainstore

Hairbase – Not Found – Tomas – NEW @ TMD

Blood Splatter – MeshMafia – Blood Splatter Bundle

Body Blood – TWC – Wrecked – NEW @ TMD

Finger Bandages – L’Emporio Kick it

Shovel – Graveyard – Bloody Shovel

Shirt – Deadwool – Malone Working Vest

Pants – Deadwool – Kojima Jeans

Gun – SAC – SH SFP9 – NEW @ Man Cave

Shoes – Deadwool – Chelsea Boots

Author: Swain Craven

Secondlife Contact: Czarfenris Inworld. Freelance blogger for the most part with the exception of my favorite stores. Blogging is my first love of SL and always will be. It's something that allows me to be me, it creates a creative outlet that I need and allows me to give a part of me and my craft to the people that choose to see it. My style i'd like to go for is artistic and realism style of photos. My time is limited I am the owner and creator of Animosity Poses which is flourishing. Thanks for visiting

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