Meet Charlie, a 24 year old college student who was scouted while stuffing a fully loaded burrito in his mouth. From the guy who was invisible, every girl seemed to walk past to a model jock they all wanted. No more late night shifts at the local supermarket his modeling contract will cover the costs from now on. . .

Mesh Head – Lelutka Skyler 3.1

Skin – Avarosa – Xavier Skin beige

Facial Hair – Fuoey – Dylan Beard 8 NEW @ Man Cave

Hair – Dura – B110

Necklace – Butterscotch – Riley Pendant

Body – Legacy M

Jacket – Ascend – Keith Blazer

Pants – Deadwool – Tweed Trousers – NEW Legacy Update

Author: Swain Craven

Secondlife Contact: Retrograde Mercury Inworld. Freelance blogger for the most part with the exception of my favorite stores. Blogging is my first love of SL and always will be. It's something that allows me to be me, it creates a creative outlet that I need and allows me to give a part of me and my craft to the people that choose to see it. My style is all over the place as I have many favorite things and stores I like to feature. My time is limited I have 3 stores which I like to keep running for the sake of my Second life shopping addiction LOL. I love fashion, skins, hair and currently am getting into some decor styling. Thanks for visiting

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