Lelutka Evo X for men is here

Meet Lelutka Eon.

Lelutka has released not one but three new mesh Evo X heads for men. (yes guys it’s our time to shine)Devon, Eon and Ford and I will tell you it was truly overwhelming to unpack, so much excitement. I waited for this lol.

The skin I’m wearing is also a new EVO X skin by Not Found – that is just wonderfully done and brings the head to life. The quality of the head and skin is just out of this world.Eyes, eyebrows and scars are all included in the box with the head. Included for you inside- Evo X Tattoo Brows- Evo X ear textures modifiable(this is important incase skin designers do not include then you can use these and tint them)- Evo X Lelutka skin- Shape and brow base- Evo X Elf ear (just ugh)- HD Beard- Teeth with braces and gems- Piercings- Evo X gestures with animations that work with the head- Evo X Hairbases as well as the original versions- A style hud THIS IS MAJORI’m really shocked no one is talking about this they have included a hud where you can save your face and everything applied in full or separate areas like brows, eyelids etc this is so important for bloggers that change looks Example: gyazo.com/860601b469db51804725a99271a3dc7c

Evo X add ons!!!!!!!!!! Guys open the boxes they include its so much stuff you’re missing.Inside the add ons we have- More mod ear textures- Evo X starter Tattoos!- Evo X freckles- Evo X Scars!! freaking scars (my heart)- Evo X mature eye bags- Evo X bom facial hair- Evo X Makeup as well as the Evo X huds have some changes to it from the regular evo heads we have so much to play with and have fun. I’m not fully through them yet but things I’ve discovered- New coloring oo lala- 18 eyes now- 6 eyebrows instead of 4- extra eyelid makeup layers – Alpha Mode has been added to the lip area, when you use the Mask option, you will be able to manipulate how much of your lips will show.Changes i’ve noticed personally are- the way the eye lashes hide- you’re able to hide the add on elf ears which is a plus for me- and don’t forget the ability to switch between evo and evo x with a push of the buttonEyelash hud example

gyazo.com/6e049ce82d779aaa0508bc07718b2af9 Evo X toggle button gyazo.com/509cd5b70a9cec06afe8aedd8a0e4a09

Detailing of mesh ears (no more add on ears this is major) gyazo.com/2c4593389d8b9019f161684bb4b75ec0

Author: Swain Craven

Secondlife Contact: Retrograde Mercury Inworld. Freelance blogger for the most part with the exception of my favorite stores. Blogging is my first love of SL and always will be. It's something that allows me to be me, it creates a creative outlet that I need and allows me to give a part of me and my craft to the people that choose to see it. My style is all over the place as I have many favorite things and stores I like to feature. My time is limited I have 3 stores which I like to keep running for the sake of my Second life shopping addiction LOL. I love fashion, skins, hair and currently am getting into some decor styling. Thanks for visiting

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