Senpai in Shima

senpia-in-shima“The Good people in shima usually stay away from me. That’s because I am the black gaijin with the Yakuza ties.  However the women seem to love me.  I  often receive dm’s on my instagram from the locals. luckily for me  good girls love bad boys.”

Visit the sim here:

What I’m Wearing:

Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel Static [Niramyth Neck] v1.08

Body: (NIRAMYTH) – AESTHETIC – Advanced Mesh Body – SMITH 1.8

Hair:  DOUX – Angel Hairstyle [Unrigged] NEW!! @ TMD

Shades:* SORGO – ZZZ Shades / BLACK (SG)

Grill: B.Slugs IOGOLD//Wear-MOD *edited with added materials.*

Hairbase: L’Etre – Sided Hairbase [dark]

Jacket:…Scars… Designer Jacket (TMP / Slink / Default) L [Black] NEW!! @ TMD

Necklace:2nd ave  CHAIN IS CHILLIN – GOLD JESUS PIECE  * this chain is custom you can however find a different version at the link* if you would like this exact version  hit up plenty panache if he is ever on.

Jeans:  L&B * AESTHETIC-4BootUse* Swear Salvage Moto Jeans NEW!! @ TMD

Shoes: Mesh – COMBAT Boots VINTAGE + Jeans – REDGRAVE NEW!! @ TMD



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