Where ya at??




Outfit 1:

Mesh Head: Catwa – Justin

Mesh Head Skin: Egozy – Zlatim – Tan – NEWW

Hat: Hxnor – Black 6ix Strap Back

Necklace: Se7en – Hu$tle Chain – Now @ The Popup shop

Jacket: Ronomono – Leather JP – NEW @ The Seasons Story

Pants: Represent – Denim Washed Jeans

Shoes: Benjaminz – Mamba 9 – XMAS Crimson



Outfit 2

Mesh Head:
Signature – Giannii – NEWW

Hat: Blupr/nt – Baseball Cap white

Hair: Unorthodox – Jodye Braids

Ears: L’ etre – Olympe Ears – NEWW

Necklace: Blupr/nt – YRN Necklace

SHirt: Breath – Tank Set – Summer

Jacket: Seul – Military Brat Parka – NEW @ UBER

Pants: Pumpkin – re:baggy Jeans

Shoes: Represent – Mirror Plated Hightop Sneakers

Dances – Sync’d – Russie Dances

Static Stands: Skbio

Car: Billionaire Motors – 2017 GT – RR1 – NEW

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