Another Level










Club Scene:

Hat: !! – Snapback Locked NEWW @ N21

Jacket: Sabotage – Fleece Pullover NEWW @ Tres Chic

Pants: Benjaminz – Faux Trousers

Necklace: Minimal – Perseo Necklace Gold – NEWW @ MOM

Shoes: Vale Koer – B-3 Runners

Scene is The Bar from Contraption

Dance – Sync’d Motion Originals – Lanez

Wasteland scene: (outfit two)

On Me:

Hat: Realink – Snapback Brim up Eyes

Jacket: Hoorenbeek – Military Jacket – NEWW @ Shiny Shabby

Pants: Excellence – Jeans Pirat

Shoes: FLi. Turbular – Olive – NEWW Release

Dance – Sync’d Motion – Original Bad Bad

Her Dance: Sync’d Motion – The Strut – NEWW @ The Showroom




Sync’d info Below

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