Red Convertible: Pro Street Cars – Kobra C

Oldsmobile: Hot Whips 73 Delta 88 Asanti (DUB Edition)

Beige Car: Hot Whips 2016 Camaro Rucci 2

Grey Car: SWAB – LAVT LP744

Burgundy Car: Billionaire Motors Rarri Cali NEWW

Turquoise Car: Billionaire Motors RARRI NEWW

Blue Impala: Hot Whips – 96 SS Pala Rockstar Hustle Edition NEWW (Exclusive)
{Car Plays real music color change hud and working tvs}

Build: MeshWorx – Factory Loft





Hat: FLI. Lip Cap – NEWW

Shirt: Pumpkin – Basic Tee White – @ TMD (round ending soon!)

Pants: Sabotage – Sweat Pants – Black – NEWW @ N21

Shoes: FLi. Black Timbs – NEWW

BookBag: Represent – Saddle Strap Riot Bag

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