I will not Lose








Hat: Urbano – Supreme Black Beanie – NEWW 50l closing sale!!

Chain Custom

Shirt: Cosmic Dust – The Elliss Sweater – Coming soon to TMD 1-5-16

Pants: Vexiin – Anex – Dark Grey – NEWW

Shoes: Vale Koer – The grounded Beezy’s fatpack hud

Tattoo: Speakeasy – Wolfpack (Omega Appliers)






Car: Billionaire Motors – 2016 KNIG – NEWW Release!!

Bag: Custom! – Faresse (Store Opening Soon)

Boots: Urbano – Tiffany Blue Timbs – NEWW (Inspired by Wale) 50L closing sale!

Money Swishers & baggy – The 4 – Props Set NEWW

Liquor: 333 – Remy Martin XO

Syrup: 6DEEP – PromethBottle (unavailable)

Cup: PL$H – Double Cup x Activis

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