Ask About ME!


What I’m Wearing on The Left

Hat: Cold Ambitionz – Unisex Hash Bag Leather Fitted – NEWW @ Swagfest

Chain: Cold Ambitionz – Unisex Gunmetal Necklace Gold – NEWW @ Swagfest

Hoodie: Blankline – Sleeveless Hoodie Black – NEWW @ TMD

Bag: yoyo9 – Danchu Money Bag

Shorts: Cheerno – Metallic Black Shorts – NEWW

Shoes: Grandeur – The Hundreds – Black & Gold Shoes

What I’m Wearing On The Right

Hat: All The Buzz – Space Lines Leather Snapback – NEWW

Glasses: Sorgo – Alcaz – Gold – sunglasses

Necklace: Foil – Love Pin Necklace – NEWW @ The Swagfest

Shirt: Cheerno – Tank List – NEWW

Tattoo: Zentro – Music Tattoo – NEWW @ The Swag Fest

Pants & Tied Shirt: 2byte – waist shirt jeans – NEWW @ TMD

Shoes: All The Buzz – Bubble Gum – Jordan 13’s – NEWW

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