Lookin’ Like A Bag Of Money



What I’m Wearing:
Hat: Shoeminati – Strapback NY – Snakeskin – NEWW

Chain: Ryca – Necklace Medusa Gold NEWW @ Whore Couture

Bag of Money: yoyo9 – Danchu Money Bag / Bag is scripted with a pose and also drops money on and off switch

Hoodie: Xiaj – Hoodie Camo – NEWW @ The Mens Dept (Coming Soon 3-5-14)

Pants: Blvck Anchor – Black Leather Pants NEWW / Blvck Anchor just Released a new Line with over 230 items I will be posting over time take a teleport to check it out

Shoes: L A U – Air Visions Grey and Black NEWW 5 different colors to choose from

Pose I use is from Unorthodox’s Fashion killa pose sound found at Soho Market

Pose Kenzo Used is Posetivitys Monroe Pose Found At the Whore Couture Event

What Kenzo Is Wearing:

Hair: Tutys

Earrings: DirtyMind – Whore Couture

Necklace: DirtyMind – Whore Couture

Shoes – Lethal Couture – Whore Couture

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